We advise our clients in brand selection, brand name availability, clearance searches and provide wide ranging services to secure protection and maintain their rights in trademarks, logos, slogans and packaging etc.

Brands are the lifeline of successful businesses.

Our attorneys specialize in trademark licensing and assignment, infringement and enforcement, litigation, anti-counterfeiting actions before courts and administrative enforcement authorities including customs and police. Our services include:

  1. Anti counterfeiting, administrative actions, raids and seizures of counterfeit products

  2. Arbitration & Dispute Resolution

  3. Acquisition & Divestiture of Trade Mark Rights

  4. Corporate Structure Changes relating to Trademark matters

  5. Domain Name disputes related to Trademark

  6. Due diligence relating to Trademark Rights

  7. Enforcement of Trademark Rights

  8. E-Commerce related Trademark issues

  9. Franchising and Licensing

  10. Infringements, Unfair Competition & Passing-off

  11. Investigation & Watch Services

  12. Litigation

  13. Portfolio Management

  14. Trade Mark Searching and Clearance

  15. Trademark filings & prosecution